Curriculum Enrichment – Through Outdoor Learning

What is curriculum enrichment through outdoor learning?
Curriculum enrichment is about enhancing learning through outdoor activities all related to the curriculum. It could involve team building activities where pupils / students work as a team to cross the crocodile swamp, it could be constructing a working shaduf and irrigating part of the school field, or making a wattle and daub house, using a pirate map to find buried treasure, making a fire and cooking pizzas, building a fairy garden, or using thinking skills to identify different types of rock, investigating soil, or building different styles of animal houses, or:

  • On site activities, we can bring our activities to your school.
  • Off site activities, we can deliver highly focused sessions at dedicated sites. For example, geology and geography on a hill walking session.
  • Team building and problem-solving activities.
  • Residential visits, we provide adventure activity residential visits with a strong emphasis on curriculum enrichment through outdoor learning.

Whichever activities are involved, we guarantee the youngsters will be learning by doing, thinking outside the box, working as a team, getting muddy, speaking, listening, thinking and most important of all – having fun as they learn. Pinpoint Adventure is fully committed  to the increasing body of evidence which shows that being outdoors is simply a wonderful  learning environment; as Hilary Harriman comments in her book The Outdoor Classroom ‘In many cases, the outdoor environment is far more practical and more effective for some learning experiences than the indoor environment’.

The list of possible themes and activities involved in curriculum enrichment is huge, but a small selection would include: life in a developing country, India, explorers, water, rivers, beach studies, geology and volcanoes, rocks and soils, animals and animal houses, Anglo-Saxons, indigenous peoples around the world, life as a lead miner, speaking and listening, problem solving, team work activities / team building sessions, forest schools and bushcraft.

Who can do it?
We currently work with several nurseries, early years groups, primary and secondary schools across Northumberland, the North East of England and Cumbria, North West England. We will be delighted to discuss the many options and huge range of activities that are possible. We can provide curriculum enrichment through outdoor learning activity sessions for all ages and abilities, including adults and children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Where can I do this?
Curriculum enrichment through outdoor learning can often take place on a school playing field, whereby we bring the equipment and activity session to your school / site. However we can also provide more dedicated sessions in specialist environments such as woodlands near Hexham in Northumberland for forest schools sessions, or Cumbria for geology sessions in the hills, lakes and rivers of the Lake District including a residential visit with adventure activities and specialist geography sessions for curriculum enrichment through outdoor learning.

When can I do this?
Curriculum enrichment can take place at any time of the year, although we will always tailor our sessions to the prevailing weather conditions and aspirations of the group.

Why book with Pinpoint Adventure?
We are passionate about outdoor learning. Pinpoint Adventure provides all the equipment for curriculum enrichment sessions; we have a huge variety of different outdoor learning activity equipment - suitable for a wide range of ages.

What do I need to bring?
Your class or group, enthusiastic, ready to learn and dressed for the weather. We will send guidance notes explaining what to wear to the activities.

How much does curriculum enrichment through outdoor learning cost?

Session prices are shown below, this is for courses in Northumberland, Cumbria and County Durham within 1 hour 15 minutes travelling time of Hexham, Northumberland.

We are able to provide curriculum enrichment through outdoor learning at your school or at our own venues.

We have sessions suitable for primary and secondary schools. We are always happy to do a site visit (for free) at your school to discuss ideas and what might be possible.

2024 Pricing:Description:
Half day of curriculum enrichment through outdoor learning, typically within the school day of either 9am to 11:30am or 12:30pm to 3pm.
Full day of curriculum enrichment through outdoor learning, typically within the school day of 9am to 3pm (with breaks and lunchtimes).

How do I make a booking?
We would be delighted to provide you with a curriculum enrichment through outdoor learning activities session - to make a booking or for more information please contact Tom on 07843762611 or via