What is bushcraft?
Ray Mears defines bushcraft as ‘a deeper knowledge of the wild and nature’. In addition to this, Pinpoint Adventure also perceives it as a wonderful mixture of living outdoors, survival skills, foraging for wild food and traditional knowledge; skills that we believe passionately should not be lost. Depending on the length of the course i.e. if it is a half day, full day, or overnight course, the sorts of themes and skills we will cover include: fire, water, shelter, trees, bushcraft tools and making craft items.

Who can do it?
Anyone with a desire to learn and master these traditional skills can take part in bushcraft.  In addition, if you are attending an overnight event, a desire to build a shelter which you can spend a comfortable night in. We offer bushcraft to adult groups, families, schools and youth groups. For an overnight bushcraft course, we normally have a lower age limit of 8 years old, although for all other bushcraft sessions we work with all ages and abilities, including adults and children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Where can I do this?
Pinpoint Adventure has access to some truly fantastic sites near Hexham, Northumberland (northern England) and in the North Pennines where all of the bushcraft activities above are possible. Each of the sites comprises beautiful mixed woodland with a real wilderness feel to them. If it is an overnight course, it is very unlikely we will see anyone else once we arrive at our bushcraft site. However, we are also able to bring our bushcraft activities to your site, so please just let us know and we will be happy to do a site visit to discuss what is possible.

When can I do this?
We run half day or full day bushcraft events throughout the year, whilst the overnight courses typically take place between May and September (to ensure enough daylight time for activities).

Why book with Pinpoint Adventure?
Pinpoint Adventure has a wealth of bushcraft knowledge and experience, and we are enthusiastic, patient and have some great pieces of bushcraft kit for you to use. Pinpoint Adventure only uses qualified and experienced instructors with a ratio appropriate to the chosen activity.

What do I need to bring?
For half day or full day course, a pair of walking boots or wellies, plenty of warm clothing, waterproofs, warm hat, gloves, a packed lunch and a drink as well as a camera. If it is an overnight course, we will provide you with guidance notes including a full equipment list.

How much does a bushcraft course cost?

For our 'introduction to bushcraft activities' course, this is a beginners bushcraft session and runs from 9:15am to 2:45pm, the session costs are as follows.

Please just let us know if you have more than 8 participants, as we will be able to accommodate your group but we will need to discuss what will be appropriate for your session.

Number of people:
1 person
2 people
3 people
4 people
5 people
6 people
7 people
8 people

How do I make a booking?
We would be delighted to provide you with a bushcraft course - to make a booking or for more information please contact Tom on 07843762611 or via tom@pinpointadventure.com