Pinpoint Adventure | Underground

What is it?
An amazing journey through one of the old lead mines at Nenthead; this truly is an adventure in all respects and a visit to a very different ‘lost world’. There will be ample opportunity to look at the skills and determination of our ancestors and try to empathise with their working conditions

Who can do it?
Anyone with reasonable fitness should comfortably manage the time spent underground. A lot of the journey simply involves walking, but there are sections of stooping, hunkering and crawling. We normally have a minimum age of 8 years old on the mine trips. We offer underground adventures to both adult groups and school and/or youth groups

Where can I do this?
There are three mines in the Alston area that are approved for group use:

  • Smallcleugh Mine, Nenthead: Smallcleugh provides a wonderful 4/5 hour underground adventure, with a visit to The Ballroom for a candlelit dinner – well, bacon sandwiches anyway!
  • Tyne Bottom Mine, Garrigill: Tyne Bottom is a super half day trip, with some interesting crawls and wetter sections; we often combine Tyne Bottom with a canyoning adventure in the afternoon.
  • Rampgill Mine, Nenthead: Rampgill provides a very wet couple of hour’s underground, with some wonderful calcite formations

When can I do this?
Underground Adventures take place all year. Interestingly, once away from the entrance, the mine is an almost constant 11°C throughout the year. During the summer it can feel cool as you enter the mine, whereas in the winter it often feels much warmer!

Why book with Pinpoint Adventure?
We have been taking groups underground in the Alston area for many years and have a great depth of knowledge about the geology, engineering and social history of the mines. We also have a great enthusiasm for what is a fantastic experience. Pinpoint Adventure provides all the specialist kit including helmets, lamps, boiler suits, wellies and if we are going down Smallcleugh – the bacon and buns! Pinpoint Adventure only uses qualified and experienced instructors with a maximum ratio of 1:6 (1 instructor to 6 clients) or 2:12

What do I need to bring?
A small day sack – preferably an old one – containing a packed lunch and a drink, an old pair of gloves and a camera is an excellent idea. It is also sensible to wear old clothes that you don’t mind getting muddy

How do I make a booking?
To make a booking or for more information contact Tom on 07843762611 or via

Thanks to Bruce Cutts for this image
Thanks to Bruce Cutts for this image
Thanks to Bruce Cutts for this image
Thanks to Bruce Cutts for this image
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