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Abseiling adventure at Souter Lighthouse
15 September 2018
Starts: 14:00
Ends: 20:30

Souter Lighthouse - Tyne and Wear.

Get adventurous with an 18 metre abseil down the outside of Souter Lighthouse. No experience is needed, the event is aimed at beginners.

This particular event is run in partnership with the National Trust. Bookings can be made via:

Alternatively if you would like more information on what we can offer please go to our climbing page.

Pinpoint Adventure and National Trust: Abseil Adventure at Souter Lighthouse Guidance Notes

The abseil adventure takes place at the impressive Souter Lighthouse, South Shields, Tyne & Wear (located on the A183, Coast Road, between Marsden and Whitburn). We will meet at the base of the lighthouse inside the building where the stairs lead to the top of the abseil. From here a member of staff from the National Trust will lead you to the top of the lighthouse.

We will meet inside the base of the lighthouse to start the session at one of the following timings 14:00, 14:50, 15:40, 16:30, 17:20, 18:10, 19:00, 19:50 (finishing times are approximately 40 minutes after the start time). There will be two customers per time slot. A member National Trust staff will lead you to the start of the abseil where you will meet Tom. At the end of the session you will have the choice to return directly to the car park or to enjoy the surrounding area, please note we cannot be held responsible for anything which takes place after the end of the session.

What does an Abseil Adventure involve?

  • This is a challenging abseil involving an 18 metre abseil down the outside of the building from the walkway just below the top of the lighthouse itself (The very top of the lighthouse is approximately 24 metres). The overall aim of the session is to have an enjoyable and safe time.

What do I need to bring?

  • Yourself (a basic level of fitness is required to abseil, although you will need to be able to walk to the top of the lighthouse on very steep stairs and be able to step over the railings from the walkway to begin the abseil)
  • Warm clothes (although we will try to remain as active as possible there will be times where you are stationary, please bring enough warm clothes)
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers (We can still abseil in the rain, although your safety and enjoyment take precedence – i.e. if it began to rain so heavily it became dangerous to abseil)
  • Trainers – that you don’t mind getting scuffed
  • Participant Information Forms – filled out (to be given to Tom when you arrive)
  • Food and drink - optional (Souter Lighthouse has spectacular views over the surrounding coastline, so a food and drink break are highly recommended)

Pinpoint Adventure will provide:

  • All specialist abseiling equipment:
    • Belay devices and karabiners
    • All rigging equipment, including: all ropes, karabiners and rope protectors
    • Semi-static and dynamic abseiling ropes
  • A qualified and experienced instructor (Normally this will be Tom).

Any further queries:
If there are any questions you wish to ask please contact Tom (see below).

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